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Prepare your child for college. And besides your qualifications are at the same level, you know you have to face this great standard test: the SAT. But what about the other test you heard was called ACT? Why do some students take this test? And should your child take ACT and SAT? Need an ACT tutor and SAT tutor, both at home and online? Here’s an overview of both tests so you and your child can make an informed decision.

Many universities use the SAT to determine a student’s success at their university. Of course, they also review the entire application, including transcripts, extracurricular activities, which are usually listed on a so-called “pride sheet,” and teacher recommendations.

The SAT is administered by the university council and consists of three sections: writing, including an essay; Critical reading and a math section. In general, the test is offered seven times per school year, usually for 3 hours and 45 minutes on Saturday mornings. You can see the results online about 10 to 20 days after the test.

The ACT is managed by the ACT Corporation and contains four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science. Colleges and universities use CA for the same purpose as SAT. ACT is usually offered six times per school year, usually on Saturday morning, but for 3 hours and 55 minutes. The optional writing section increases the total test time to 4 hours and 25 minutes. Although results are usually available 10 to 30 days after the test date, written results are available approximately two weeks later.

While ACT tests performance, SAT tests aptitude and basically all universities and colleges accept both standardized tests. It is a good idea for your child to do both tests to determine which one feels better and which one stands out.

Students can receive up to 800 points for each of the three SAT sections, for a total of 2400 points. Students can earn up to 36 points for each of the four ACT sections. The highest score a student can earn is 36 – the average of the four total scores. The SAT punishes students for each wrong answer by a quarter point, which helps reduce a student’s score, while the ACT does not punish incorrect answers.

SAT and ACT test arithmetic, geometry, algebra I and II, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, writing ability and reading comprehension, but ACT also tests trigonometry and reading structure and does not directly test the vocabulary. Satellite attachment is required; The ACT attachment is optional. Many students find that ACT is very similar to the tests they are used to in school, although it can be difficult to do science. The best strategy for getting a high SAT or ACT score is to practice, practice, practice, practice, evaluate, and then review all practice tests. An ACT tutor and SAT tutor, at home and online, can help your child practice and check which questions were missed, which ones were skipped, which questions were guessed but which were asked correctly, and which questions were asked for a long time. . It took me a while to get the right answer. In addition, students should take the time to expand their vocabulary, especially the words included in the SAT and ACT, before the test. An ACT tutor and SAT tutor, including an online tutor, should assist your child in this process until their scores improve drastically.

A private ACT tutor or SAT tutor is usually more effective than a preparatory class because there is no individual help in a class, and the preparatory class can be led by an untrained teacher, who has difficulty teaching students with different academic skills. It is sometimes difficult to find a qualified or highly experienced SAT tutor or ACT tutor in a particular area, but experienced SAT and ACT online tutors can get the same results as if you were at home. and you can work with the best online tutors to help your child get the best score possible.