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Predict 2021 NBA Playoff Matchups on Your Wood Journal

It is all about bracketing when it comes to the NBA Playoffs this year. The season may be shortened a little due to the global pandemic but we are all thankful that the games proceeded as planned. Yes, there were times when the games were postponed but the league did a great job in scheduling them at times when you think they never really would. You can write your own NBA playoff brackets on your wood journal as to who you think will make it to the top 8 in each conference. It is going to be a race down to the finish line when both conferences are pretty tight. At the Eastern Conference, Philadelphia and Brooklyn are battling at the top but teams like Milwaukee and Boston are not too far behind. We are still halfway through the season so a major trade could swing it in the favor of one side. Besides, you would want to have your own predictions a few weeks before it happens when some injuries would play a huge factor into the playoff race. Of course, some good examples would be Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. If they were not injured right now, then their teams would have a higher ranking in the standings but they are doing just fine without them. It is no secret they will get even better when those two finally make a return.

You can’t blame yourself for being a bit excited when the NBA Playoffs are just a couple of months away. Of course, that means there are just too many games per day and each one of those games matter. The moment you get your hands on your wood journal from Bark and Rock, better keep in mind that there is a play in tournament where the 7th seed takes on the 9th seed and the 8th seed takes on the 10th seed in both conferences. At first, it looks like both top seeds will have difficulties but it looks like the lower seeds are over matched when it comes to talent. This already happened in the NBA Bubble when the Blazers nabbed the 8th seed thanks to last minute heroics by Dame. When it is time for the 4th quarter, you very well know that it is going to be Dame time.

Right now, the Utah Jazz sits on top of the Western Conference. Whether they will hold that position or not seems to be another different story. The two LA teams and Phoenix are not that far behind so they can easily nab the first place and decide who will face each other in the second round. Still, Donovan and the rest of the Jazz team deserves to get out of the first round and have a deep playoff run. Only time will tell if they finally do but it looks like they are giving it their all. Their coaches do a great job of writing on their wood journal some notes about their upcoming opponents.


Use Personalised Water Bottles to Save the Environment

The more plastic water bottles that we consume, the more we will pile up the garbage that we throw in the garbage can. As a result, you will be better off buying personalised water bottles that would serve its purpose in due time. There can just be too many designs that you can think of to put in these water bottles. Besides, we all need to drink water every now and then in order to avoid getting dehydrated. Add that to the fact it will be such a lost cause if you put sugary drinks in that water bottle. We can only imagine how sea creatures would suffer when we throw water bottles to the ocean. A lot of fishermen simply don’t care about those animals as they just care about gaining profit. These people are pathetic and it goes to show how selfish they are since the sea creatures also have families to attend to. Proper goose has a nice selection of personalised water bottles that will surely grab the attention of aggressive buyers. The truth is these things are worth far more than the price that they are being sold. You will feel lucky that you came across them despite the fact that you have a few bottles in the fridge. It is simply an offer that would be impossible to refuse.

Believe it or not, messages can be put on the personalised water bottles as those things can be a way for them to drink water frequently. Yes, we need to drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day. This would not even include the water that includes sugar including soda and energy drinks as these things will end up causing more harm than good to your body. As a result, you will think it is cool to do that but in the end you won’t really know what needs to be done in order to get in great shape. Better hit the gym and eat the right food. Don’t forget to bring your personalised water bottle to the gym as that is one way for you to use it. Since you will recognize it right away, you will be able to come back to it if ever it gets lost. The future is what we must focus on and it would be hard to rely on the government to do something about it. We must do our part too and it starts with little things like buying refillable water containers that we can bring wherever we go. This would include your office being able to save on plastic cups because you brought your own personalised water bottles with you when the time arrives that you need to drink water. It is common to drink water while eating a meal but it must also be done throughout the day or else you will probably forget about it especially when you get a little bit busy with all your tasks that your boss asked you to do.