Air Conditioning

How to choose the best AC unit for your needs

A/C units are a necessary appliance for any home. The best unit will be the one that suits your needs, which is why it’s important to do your research before you make a purchase.

This article will give you information about the different types of A/C units available on the market, how they work and what to look for to find the right machine. This way, one can better understand their options when looking for an air conditioning system, allowing them to choose wisely and get great results from their new unit!


There are currently two main types of A/C units: the split system and the window unit. It’s important to note that both these systems work on a refrigerant cycle where the air is cooled by a compressor, which in turn removes heat from the house through evaporator coils placed outside of your home. Here is how they work:

In a split system, one half of the machine is installed within the building, while the other half sits outside on a wall or your roof. The condenser coil is placed in this exterior part while the evaporating coil goes in your AC unit inside your house. You can choose where you want to install this outdoor component in a split, whether it be somewhere hidden or completely exposed for all to see.

This process is efficient because it allows air to travel throughout your entire home, making sure you enjoy the coldest temperature possible in every room. The only downside of a split system is that they can be complicated and expensive to install, requiring experienced contractors and often involving renovations worth thousands of dollars.

That’s where window units come down on the other side, as these are popular with those who don’t want intrusive modifications within their homes. They work by funneling cold air through an open window or sliding door fitted with a duct for this purpose. A single coil heats the inside of your house while another cools down the outdoors. While incredibly effective at cooling rooms, one will need to remain in the room for this unit to work, and it’s also not ideal if you live in a part of the country where temperatures can drop below freezing.


When looking for an air conditioning unit, you need to look at several factors. One of these is size. Ensure that the system you get is big enough to cool your rooms down efficiently but not so big that it will become overworked and break down too quickly. Another thing to consider when purchasing a new A/C unit is BTU or British Thermal Unit- a measure of heat energy used by HVAC systems to determine how powerful their cooling system should be.

A good rule of thumb for choosing an A/C unit is that you should get one that can cool your room down by at least 10 degrees. Another great way to find the right size for you is to use a BTU calculator, which is easy to find online. It takes only seconds to fill out and will give you an accurate assessment of what systems would work best for your space. That’s all!