How Enchanting Process Is Achieved For Mild Steel

Mild steel is vastly used to make products, components and parts of various things. Mild steel is categorised as carbon steel. The carbon component is very low in mild steel so it can also be called low carbon steel. Low carbon steel or mild steel contains 0.04 per cent to 0.30 per cent carbon quantity.

Steel is the most popular material that is highly used in making commercial, industrial production. It’s very strong and durable for making a variety of items. Mild steel is a type of steel that is very versatile and used in numerous products.

Such as automobile plates, body parts, wires, boilerplates, tubes, food cans, bridge components and many other mechanical and construction items. Mild steels are etched to make these things and create different designs.

Various types of steel can be etched by using acid. Mild steel can be strong and durable for etching by using acid as an etchant for mild steel. Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Ferric chloride or copper sulfate chemicals are mostly used as the etchant for mild steel. All these chemicals utilized in etching solutions are dangerous and must be handled with caution.


First, it made sure there was no burring in the steel frame. Then the mild steel needs to be cleaned by scrubbing its surface in a circular motion. This process needs to be done perfectly with a wire brush or abrasive sponges. Then the steel is rinsed and cleaned with alcohol solutions. The final surface should be gritty enough for etching.


Animage is selected and finalised to transfer on the steel surface. Any kind of complex design can be selected and transferred on the steel surface. The photo print is pressed into the steel surface. Then to remove the photo paper it’s soaked in hot water.

The chemical ferric chloride is used as an etchant for mild steel. This works well with various steel frames. The steel item is placed on this chemical solution upside down to produce cleaner lines. Some surface area is needed between the steel and the container.


After this process is done the steel is cleaned and washed properly to get a finished product. Water is used to clean the surface area. Then paint removal, alcohol, steel wool, methyl hydrate are used for the desired finishing. Remove the resist by using the reasonable element. So, the finished product is chemical and photoresist free.

Various companies offer well-produced products. They are well checked and perfected by several inspections. Properly skilled technicians achieve the etching process by using modern equipment. So the result is accurate and high quality.

Remember safety first and use precautions. All the processes should be done safely using gloves and a properly ventilated area. Goggles can be used to protect the eyes from harmful chemicals. Etching is a simple process but it needs to be done precisely and with proper knowledge. Trying this process on your own can be dangerous. Take the tip and assistance of experts.