Why Install Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps have become very popular, especially now that we are facing global warming. These pumps are also commonly referred to as geothermal pumps. These pumps are widely used for heating and cooling in commercial and residential places. These pumps get its name from the fact that the heat used for home and commercial conditioning comes from the ground. These pumps have become popular due to their many benefits not only to the individual but also to the environment. They help tap and use renewable energy and hence the reason for their popularity. Below are some more benefits of ground source heat pumps Norfolk.

Easy to install

These ground source pumps require little a small space for installation. You only need an open ground, for example, your garden and you can install your pump. With this type of pump, there is no boiler needed, not large and heavy machinery. Also, you need to drill to set up the system. The system works pretty easy by drawing heat from the ground and then passing the energy through the compressor by a loop. From here, the heat is then absorbed by multiple heat absorbers, and then the absorbed heat passes back to the ground. The entire process keeps repeating itself, ensuring that you can heat or cool your property no matter the time.

Low energy bills

Using electricity to heat or cool your space is more expensive than using ground source heat pumps Norfolk. For example, during winter, you have to keep your AC on for hours, and this consumes a lot of energy. Even if you do not want to power your AC unit and use firewood, it is not any better. This is because burning firewood means harm to the environment, and wood is not cheap either. But with a GSHP, you can forget about the high bills and enjoy heating and cooling throughout the year. This renewable source of energy promotes green living and, at the same time, saves you money.

Easy maintenance

Ground eat pumps do not require complex machinery, and therefore maintenance is very easy and straightforward. All you need is to check the system to ensure dry leaves occasionally, and dirt gets into the system as it is an outdoor system. Also, you need to keep the system covered. This is pretty much it with ground source heat pumps Norfolk. We can say that these systems are maintenance-free.

As you can see, the benefits of ground source heat pumps Norfolk are immense. All you need is to buy the right system regarding the size. Whether for commercial or residential use, you will surely find a system that meets your needs. However, as you buy, be sure to only buy from a reliable supplier. There are many ground source heat pumps Norfolk suppliers and therefore focus on finding the best. Check industry experience as well as experience before placing your order. Also, since these pumps do not come cheap, do price comparison before ordering. It is important to buy from suppliers that can deliver to your doorstep and help you with the installation work. With proper research. You can find the best pump dealer.