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Things to Know About Glass Doors

Today, glass doors are one of the most common types of access to entrance for a business and home. Various types of glass doors made of tempered glass are used safely on exterior and interior entrances because of their energy efficiency and style. The glass doors of any size and shape can be installed, repaired, and replaced by an experienced professional easily. They can fix all of your glass doors from the front door to the glass door on your shower. In this write-up, we are going to discuss different types of glass doors including ALL-GLASS DOORS.


Mainly two types of glass doors are used including interior glass doors and exterior glass doors.

INTERIOR GLASS DOORS: The glass doors used in the interior of your home can be customized according to the decor of the ambiance as well as the space available. These glass doors can make the design of your home more functional whereas they can also be used as a partition to divide a room into different segments. Interior glass doors made of different types of glass including etched or opaque are used in different parts of your home from the dining room, living room as well as on your shower to ensure your privacy.

EXTERIOR GLASS DOORS: The large glass panes set in frames that can be used on the exterior entrance of a building, residential as well as commercial, are known as exterior glass doors. Storm doors, sliding doors, and sliding doors are some of the examples of exterior glass doors. They can be set in frames made from metal, wood, or composite materials to give your exterior a unique and attractive look. If you are planning to install, repair, or replace the glass doors on the exterior of your building then you must hire a professional service with vast experience in handling all types of glass doors including all-glass doors.


The glass doors that can be installed without setting in a frame are known as all-glass doors. These doors can be bi-fold panels, sliding doors as well as swinging doors from which you can choose according to the space available in the entrance area of your building. Though they are made of tempered glass but they can be operated on the patches or rails on their corners.


All glass doors are normally used as exterior glass doors in hotels, malls, the interior entrances of stores, office buildings, museums, sports arena, and airports, etc. These glass doors provide you a trouble–free as well as an invisible entrance to a premise. While installing them their pivots and fittings are specifically designed to use them o your external entrance without any problems for a long time. They are available in different styles and sizes to match their surrounding decor.

So if you are planning to install a new glass door at the exterior of your office or home then an ALL-GLASS DOOR can be a good option to give your space an elegant and stylish look. You should contact an experienced glass door service near you to install, repair or replace the glass doors in your home or office.