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The Best Double Sided Waterproof Tape

Double sided waterproof tape is multi-purpose and double the value, but the problem is that you don’t know which double sided waterproof tape to get. With each double sided waterproof tape claiming it’s double the value and features, how do you know what brand and type of double sided waterproof tape work for your needs? That is where we step in! We will give you a run down of some of the best double sided waterproof tapes available today.

Scotch Double Sided Outdoor Mounting Tape

Scotch double sided outdoor mounting tape comes with 200 one-inch pieces, and easy-peel feature to make application quick and efficient, while coming in at under $10 makes this great for all budgets. One unique aspect of this double sided waterproof tape is that it is made with a double layer of adhesive, meaning that you get double the strength. Scotch double sided outdoor mounting tape comes in three different widths, eight millimeters, twelve millimeters, and sixteen millimeters allowing for various uses including double sided picture frame mounting!

3M 2090 Double Sided Mounting Tape

3M double sided mounting tape gives you an easy way to mount or pull off your items by putting double sided tape on all four sides! This means that when one side peels off, the other side stays put! The non-reflective finish means that this double-sided waterproof tape can be used to hide unsightly wires without ruining the look of your walls. It’s also weather resistant which makes it perfect for outdoor double sided mounting.

3M double sided mounting tape comes in two different sizes, four inches by five yards and nine inches by six yards, so you can get the tape to match your needs! It’s double the value because this double sided waterproof tape gives double the results you are expecting!

Scotch Pak Double Sided Mounting Tape

Scotch double sided mounting tape is not only double-sided, but it also has double the strength meaning that you will be getting double power when using this solid adhesive double-sided waterproof tape! Without any issues, you can use this helpful double-sided waterproof tape on various surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, and more! When looking at its application process, it is double the value because it is double-sided, which means double application! You can easily peel and apply the double sided waterproof tape to all of your surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape ( Paint Tester) Double Sided Waterproof Tape

If you are looking for double sided waterproof tape for painting, this would be a great choice. The Scotch blue painter’s tape double-sided waterproof tape has double the strength and helps protect your walls from paint overspray and gives you an easy way to hold down your items when painting, allowing them to stay in place. With ease! This double sided mounting tape is weather resistant, so it will stick on even the harshest days while protecting any surface from paint overspray. The double sided tape also has an easy-peel feature which makes double sided waterproof tape application quick and efficient.

Duck Tape Double Sided Mounting Tape

Duck double sided mounting tape is not only double-sided, but it is double the strength when compared to other double sided waterproof tapes out there, making this double side adhesive double-sided waterproof tape worth over $20 in value. Alone! The best part about duck double-sided mounting tape is in its name, duck tape. This means that you can use this super-strong double-sided waterproof tape on wood, metal, plastic, or even glass without any issues.