Chemical etching process

What is the “chemical etching process” all about and the steps that must be taken in order to be fulfilled

First of all, etching is a chemical process in which the metal is sprayed with acid to take out the surface of the metal after it was laminated and exposed to the UV light the parts that needed to be protected in the process. After it is taken through the process the metal will remain with a smooth beautiful design on it. It is a high precision process in which it can produce metal parts and design of need. In the “chemical etching process” the metal material is sprayed with high pressure and high-temperature solution like acid in order to take the unprotected parts out.

Now let’s see the steps that go trough each metal material that enters the etching machine.

There are 5 steps for the “chemical etching process” that includes Lamination of the zone that wants to be protected. Exposure to the UV light to make the laminated area even more resistant. Developing the design to be put on the machine, which will be the sensible part that the acid sprayed will take out and also developing the protected area to make it even stronger against the acid. “chemical etching process”, the effective process of removing the parts of the design in the material, that goes through the etching machine. Post etching step that removes the resistant material

1.Lamination of the zone that wants to be protected

First of all, it is made a cleanse of the metal material that will be inserted in the etching machine to be sure that the surface is not contaminated and is ready and prepared to start the Chemical Etching process’.Then A sheet of the material is laminated with a layer of resistance for light-sensitivity in order to keep the resistant part untouched.

2.Exposure to the UV light

The second step is to place a photo tool with the design on the metal material witch was protected with lamination and then is exposed to the UV light. The UV light will make the laminated part become even more resistant and because it is protected will stay the same.

3.Developing the protected area and prepare for “ “chemical etching process”

Before the etching process begins the laminated is heated at high temperature to improve the resistance against the acid. Here is also set the design on the metal sheet.

  1. “Chemical etching process”

After the protection is reinforced the process will begin and the metal sheet will be sprayed with a high-temperature spray. The solution will remove the unprotected parts from the metal and it will remain a nice shaped form of the design.

  1. After “Chemical etching process”

When the process is done, the resist material which was laminated and reinforced is removed either in the stripping machine or manually, to make sure everything is clean and smooth.


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